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~ Improves taste
~ Easy installation
~ Quick change cartridges

Water purifier „Puricom FTLINE-3”

“Puricom FTLINE-3” application of the equipment:

  • DIY and easy maintenance.
  • FK-T easy maintenance filter.
  • Quick connect fittings for an easy connection.
  • Suitable for residential use.
  • 100% factory tested and sterilized ready for installation.

These are drinking water treatment equiment that produce drinking water. The equipment purifies water from various impurities, organic matter, microorganisms and bacteria. 

  • The equipment does not purify water from dissolved salts (calcium, magnesium, etc.), so the taste of the water is not damaged. 
  • No chemical reagents are used in the cleaning process. 
  • No need to buy drinking water in stores. 
  • Easy installation. 
  • Quick-change cartridges = very easy futher equipment operating.  

Package includes:

  • Three cartridge models:
    • first model of the FT-82 which is a cartridge at 5 micron,
    • second model of the FT-83 which is a cartridge with activated carbon,
    • third model of the FT-91 which is a cartridge with membrane.
  • Conduit 3/8” 
  • Wall fixation
  • Faucet: Oslo model
  • Inlet connector 3/8’ with valve 
  • A sets of many metric fittings.
  • Flow restrictor
  • Mounting screws


  • Nominal capacity: 1lmin 
  • Minimum 0.5 bar / Maximum 4 bar
  • Temperature: 2 - 38° C
  • Inlet Water TDS: <1000 ppm
  • Inlet Water Hardness <250ppm


These potable water systems are designed to provide quick and easy installation and maintenance.

Equipment installation includes:

  • Connecting equipment to water pipes.
  • Preparing a faucet and installing it on a countertop or sink.
  • Instructing the customer on the further operation of the equipment.

Further operation of the equipment:

It is necessary to follow the changes of elements independently. The frequency of element changes depends on the quality of the water to be treated. The worse the water quality, the more often it is recommended to change the elements. In the standard, the elements are changed approximately once a year or every 2000 liters.

Warranty 2 years



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